Reinforced fishing inflatable boats

Product# fg63
Color Green or Blue / White
Min Order: 50PCS
Price: USD 148.35
* Note: Price not include shipping

1. Floor: Wood or Air Mat, Boat: 1000D reinforced and anti corrosive PVC.
2. Each comes with: Wood or Air Mat Flooring Set with fixed articles, aluminum bench seat set, 2 aluminum oars, carrying & storage bag, foot pump, pre packed repair kit, instruction manual.
3. Models with length 2.3/2.65/3.0m for options, and color green /white or blue /white pls check the size and color before purchased!

Model showing 2m length
Hull Material 1000D reinforced and anti corrosive PVC
Outer Size/Inner Size 200*120cm/150*60cm
Tube Diameter 31cm/1.0ft
Number of Air Chambers 2+1
Number of Aluminum Bench Seat 1
Capacity (Person) 2+1
Max Load Capacity 200kg up to 350kg
Max Motor Power 3.5HP
Packing size 72*45*25cm

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